4 Great Places to Spark Creativity

spark creativity


We know that there are benefits to being creative and we also know that creativity isn’t restricted to artists. But what about the places we use to execute our creations? Could those places have an effect on our creativity? We believe that switching up where and how you create your favorite things plays a role in your creative growth. For this reason, we’ve made a list of our top four places that can spark creativity. Take a look!


1.   The Library


The walls are quite literally stacked with inspiration. Browsing the aisles for new authors and titles that can spark an original idea can be a great way to think outside of the box and learn something new. Whether you go to for the books or for the quiet, it’s still a chance to gain insight and inspiration. You can also go to the library – depending on your craft of choice – to quietly plan or practice your next project. Beading is a safe bet for the library, so why not give it a try?


2.   The Park

Maybe not in the winter if you’re living in a place like Wisconsin, but with spring ready to bounce into view any day now, the park may be ready to bounce onto your schedule. Consider how the warmth of the sun, the presence of blooming flowers, and the smell of fresh cut grass can have a positive effect on a person’s mood and then consider what it could do for your craft. Nature could influence your next big project!


3.   Somewhere Cozy

There’s nothing better than being warm and relaxed. Cuddling up on the carpet with your favorite furry friend by your side and your beading supplies in front of you could be the cozy combination you need to trigger a new idea. Maybe it’s on your bedroom floor or in front of the fireplace in your living room. Either way, the key is cozy! Put on your softest loungewear, grab a blanket and a few pillows, and most importantly, your supplies!


4.   Creativity Cave

Whatever your craft of choice is – beading, wire-wrapping, knitting, painting, etc. – having a space that’s dedicated to practicing that one thing could provide a great deal of clarity. This means all of your supplies are there, everything is organized, and the inspiration is drilled into the walls. It’s a winning situation. You’ll be able to zero in on designing something amazing because everything you’ll need will be surrounding you with no distractions. Another benefit to a creativity cave is that you get to also design that area exactly the way you want!



As we mentioned, spring is close so grab your supplies, choose your place, and craft your next original idea. We can’t wait to see it!

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