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We’ve written about the basics of getting started with jewelry making here, but now we’re going to share some quick tips on how to use the Facet Jewelry Box website as a resource for your jewelry making journey. Let’s get started.



You can use the FAQs section as a place to get answers to questions about the Facet Jewelry Box subscription, but you can also use it to get detailed overviews on different beading techniques, shipping, and contact information.


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Beading Basics

When you decide to start beading it’s tempting to run to the craft store or to an online beading seller to get started ASAP. However, you’ll be hit with so many options that instead of feeling excited about starting new projects you’ll likely feel overwhelmed. To help avoid this feeling start with some research; start with the basics.


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Techniques and Topics

Even within the basics of jewelry making, there are a number of categories and directions to go. For this reason, we have articles that target frequently asked questions surrounding both stitching and stringing.


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Beading Like A Pro

Doing some research on the basics of beading is a great way to start whether you’re a first-time beader or getting back to it after some time off. Another great way to start beading like a pro is to explore projects completed by expert beaders. Check out Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. It’s a great way to home in on your own style and narrow down the types of projects you want to begin. This will hopefully make your craft store trip a bit more intentional and a lot less time-consuming.


Need other tips? Check out other blogs below for more on how to make your beading journey beautiful!


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