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Searching for the right gift for someone you love only days before Mother’s Day, or a birthday is something we’re all guilty of. Work gets busy, friends need your help, kids have to be taken to practice and before you know it it’s three days before the big day and your gift bag is still emptyThis is when you thank the internet for being so readily available! 


When you start thinking about what gift to get someone your initial thoughts probably go to delivery options and/or trips to the mall. Both of which can feel stressful because you’re wondering: Will the package arrive on time? When will I have time to make it to the mall this week? When you’re crunched for time go with a gift that utilizes technology to help you find the perfect gift while stressing less. 


Here are three ideas that will make both you and the person you’re shopping for ecstatic.  


Apple Pay 

It’s not the most inventive gift, but definitely effective. Maybe your mom or wife could use some me-time and you want to give her the opportunity to do that on her terms. Money is a great surprise that, especially when it’s sent directly to their account, allows them to get or do the thing that they’ve been wanting to do but haven’t been able to justify the expense. Because Apple Pay can be used within iMessenger and sent as a text message, it’s something you can do immediately the morning of the big day with a sweet (or hilarious) message attached. Not travel or uncertain delivery needed! 


Subscription Box 

A subscription box also plays up the surprise factor. Not only will your loved one not be expecting it, but he/she also won’t know what exactly will be coming in the box. With Facet Jewelry Box this is especially true because each month brings four different project possibilities. If you’re shopping for a last-minute gift for a crafterFacet Jewelry Box is a great unexpected option. It also can be purchased completely online and delivered for free domestic U.S. shipping. A hassle-free WIN! 


Digital Gift Card 

Gift cards may seem unoriginal, but it depends on how you send them and where they’re from! Many businesses have gift card options that can be sent digitally via email, so you don’t have to be restricted to a boring department store or gas gift card! Even Etsy gives you the option to send gift cards up to $250. So consider finding an online shop that your loved one has always wanted to try or something new and interesting that they never heard of like a trendy makeup brand or expertly curated wines. 


The Roundup 

From wine to money via messenger to a jewelry making subscription box, there are amazing gift options for making your loved ones happy and making never moving more than your fingertips. 😉 

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