QUIZ: What’s Your Beading View?

what's your beading view


Thinking of new ideas can sometimes feel like a chore. You want to create something great using a new stitch you’ve been fearful of trying, but the inspiration is just not there. It’s okay, it happens to all of us!


Sometimes this simply means you need to step away from the creating table for a second to give yourself time to develop new ideas. Other times, it could mean you need a change of scenery. That’s where this quiz comes into play! By answering the questions below, we’ll let you know where you should go to bead to boost your creativity!


What’s your go-to exercise?

a. Treadmill

b. Walking outside

c. Spin class


Where is your favorite place to sit at a restaurant?

a. In a booth

b. Outside

c. At the bar


When you grab fast food or coffee, which do you do most often?

a. Order ahead for easy pick-up.

b. Drive-thru for sure!

c. Go inside because I don’t know what I want.


Are you a planner?

a. No, I like to go with the flow.

b. I like to have a general idea of what’s going on.

c. Yes, I book and color code my calendar weeks in advance.


What’s your favorite beading style?

a. Stitching

b. Stringing

c. Both


If a friend asked you right now to accompany them to the craft store, you would most likely…

a. Give an excuse not to go.

b. Offer an alternative of some kind.

c. Get ready and go.


Your favorite way to binge-watch a new Netflix show is…

a. With a quiet room, a bowl of popcorn and maybe my partner.

b. I don’t have one. I’d rather do something with my hands or go somewhere.

c. With your friends who love the same show.


Mostly A’s – Personal Bead Cave

Mostly A’s means you might create your best work in your own personal beading cave. You might be most creative when you’re able to focus on developing and executing your ideas alone in an area designed with your creativity in mind. Some men have a man cave and some beaders have a bead cave…or at least we think they should. 😉


Mostly B’s – Go Outside

Mostly B’s means you might be more excited to bead outside. Being in nature may give you a lot of inspiration and clarity on your designs and with your creativity. This would mean designing jewelry at a park, in your backyard, or anywhere that offers a healthy dose of fresh air.


Mostly C’s – Build a Like-minded Community

Mostly C’s means your creativity might gain a boost from being in a community setting. A group of friends or potential friends may offer you the chance to explore other ideas you hadn’t previously considered. Try crafting meetups, Facebook Groups, jewelry making classes, or even a friend’s house.



There aren’t any rules, just new opportunities to make something beautiful. Tag us in photos of your favorite place to bead, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and on Facebook!


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