5 Reasons Subscription Boxes Are Your New Best Friends

FJB box

There are subscription boxes for everyone and for good reason. With everything you need only a click away, having a specialty box of products delivered to your door monthly saves you some cash, some clicks, and of course some time. Here are five reasons we think subscription boxes are worth serious consideration in 2019.



Subscription boxes are normally offered at a lower price, giving subscribers high-end products at a discounted bundle rate. Some discounts even extend beyond the products in the box. For example, Facet Jewelry Box subscribers can receive a discount with specific craft suppliers for jewelry-making products that may be needed but are not included in the project boxes themselves.


Products with You in Mind

There are subscription boxes that take in the needs of both amateurs and experienced hobbyists by offering different levels and tiers of the same type of box. For example, Facet Jewelry Box has two options: jewelry stringing, and jewelry stitching. The stringing box is tailored towards a beginner skill level for the jewelry enthusiast who hasn’t yet made his or her first piece of jewelry. The stitching box offers slightly more complicated projects tailored toward the jewelry maker who has mastered stringing and looking for another challenge or skill to master. It is also a great option for experienced jewelry makers who want premade designs to save them some brainpower and time.


There are other subscriptions that offer options based on interests, skill level, and needs. Book of the Month Club offers five book options per month within different genres to appeal to a range book lover’s taste. Lootcrate offers over a dozen themed box options within the fantasy fandom world. It further shows that there is a subscription box for everyone.


A Community of Like-Minded People

Niche subscription boxes come with a free perk, which is a community of like-minded people. Subscribers often share the same interests and can then connect with one another through social media or exclusive forums. This creates a community where creatives can help one another on projects, share tricks and tips, and discuss their favorite (or less favorite) parts of the month’s subscription box.


Creativity You Don’t Have to Agonize About

With boxes like Facet Jewelry Box, creatives can make projects using the skills they’ve learned or are learning, without the hassle of developing a project idea from scratch, searching for the materials, and agonizing over whether it will look the way they intend it to. Facet Jewelry Box and others like it take care of the backend work so subscribers only have to execute an awesome wearable project. They allow subscribers to be creative without being overwhelmed with the ins-and-outs of preparing a new project.


Goodies Delivery Straight to Your Door

The monthly delivery of a box filled with new and desirable projects or products is like a gift that keeps giving. The excitement of the unboxing and relief of not having to leave the warmth of your home are added bonuses. Another plus? When U.S. domestic delivery is FREE!


Why not try Facet Jewelry Box and experience the benefits of a subscription box built for you, delivered to you for free!



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