The Best Ways to Get Ready for Spring Beading

spring cherry blossoms

Green, pastels, flowers, and rain are a few of the words that come to mind when we think of spring. Oh, and warmth! Goodbye wintery windchill! But with the negative windchill also goes the bulky coats and the dark colors. Hello, new style options! And not just new clothing style options, but new jewelry as well. New projects that feel like a new beginning … that feel like spring.


To help you to start thinking about warmer and more colorful projects, we compiled a list of ways to spark inspiration. Let us know at the end of the post what your first step to spring beading is!


Make a List…But Not Just Any List

How many blogs have you read that tell you to make a list? Probably a lot – because it works! Lists are a great way to get organized and to be prepared. So yes, we want you to make a list, but a visual list. Pinterest is a great place to make boards of inspirational photos, but those boards can also be considered a visual list of things that inspire you. Create a Pinterest board of beads, colors, stitches, and styles of jewelry you want to use in spring. Name the board Spring Project Inspiration FJB so we can find your boards.


Check out and follow our Spring Project Inspiration FJB board to get started!

Think with Nature

Spring is all about nature. April showers bring May flowers and all. When you’re planning or looking for new ideas for spring jewelry, go outside if the weather permits. Use nature as the ultimate inspiration for the season that brings beautiful – and most anticipated – changes.


Here’s some jewelry we think represents that springtime change that’s hard not to love.


Choose a Good Place

Sometimes just having the right place to create new projects is all that it takes to execute and repeat the process. Similar to what we mentioned above, maybe that means you find an interesting place outdoors to bead and design your next jewelry pieces. It could also mean using spring cleaning as an excuse to designate a beading cave for you at home if you don’t already have one. If you do already have a zone of your own, could it use a refresh?


Creative Blocks

We all hit creative roadblocks from time-to-time, which is why taking time to consider new approaches, redecorate a workspace, and or find inspiration from an unexpected place is so important in the creative process. Use spring as a time refresh your creativity and create something brilliant.


Happy jewelry making!

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