Reduce Screen-time With This Summer Activity


Summer is coming up quickly – and for some, it’s already begun! If you’re a parent, nanny, teacher or volunteer summer means lots of sun and lots of time to fill with more than a screen. It means finding the right mix between educational content, outdoor time and new activities. It can be a lot to entertain groups of any age, especially during the summer months when the possibilities seem both endless and scarce!


Technology makes it possible to constantly move from one thing to the next, sending anyone’s brain into a multitasking whirlpool. One way to keep things interesting while slowing down is to encourage activities that use a person’s hands to make something. It’s a great way to reduce eye strain from the screen, but to also help ignite creativity. We’re going to give you a few reasons why Facet Jewelry Box is the ideal activity to do just that!


It Helps Build Focus

Summer isn’t just about school being out or longer days, it’s also about stopping to smell the roses. Stopping to enjoy the longer days and to feel the coolness of the breeze. Screens make it hard to focus on one task at a time and to really be in the moment because there’s always something to search or scroll through. Jewelry making is an activity that forces you to focus on the task at hand: creating.


No Hassle

With Facet Jewelry Box, the activity comes ready to go, so there’s no need to figure everything out. The beads, string, clasps, other closures, and a detailed instruction manual are all included in the box so that you and your group only have to get started. Some projects do require tools such as needle nose pliers to make handling the small beads easier, which if needed is something that you can obtain at a discount from our partners.


No hassle, discounts, and fun projects all ready to go!


A Giving Opportunity

Maybe you worry your group won’t want to actually wear the jewelry pieces they create. That’s not a problem because, for your group, the focus is on the project and doing something with their hands; the bonus is a cool new piece of jewelry they can give as a gift to someone they’re grateful for. Whether it’s a parent, friend or instructor, the jewelry could be an activity that allows your group to build a unique gift for someone they care about.


Create Something Fun for Your Summer Group

Do something new this summer for the group you’re leading or the event you’re planning. Add Facet Jewelry Box to your list of summer must-do’s and receive free shipping, two expertly curated jewelry projects per box and everything you need to have a memorable summer! Be sure to share your projects with us @FacetJewelryBox on social media.



*Note: If you use this Facet Jewelry Box with children, they should always be supervised by an adult when creating any jewelry project and all jewelry projects may not be suitable for children of all ages. Please use your discretion.

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