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What’s the Perfect Bead for Elegant Jewelry Making?


Like many things, the most elegant bead is subjective, and you may have other bead variations in mind for the top seat on the elegance train. But here at Facet Jewelry Box, we have a few reasons why we think the Victorian-era briolette bead should take the top spot for elegance. Have a seat and we’ll tell you why!


Fantastic Lightshow

Because facets are cut around the entire pear-shaped gemstone, the briolette reflects light, creating a stunning jewelry light show.  We’re not sure about you, but sparkle is a prerequisite for elegant jewelry. Whether it be diamonds, gemstones or beads, sparkle is a necessary ingredient and the briolette has it.




Royal Past

A royal touch automatically adds a level of sophistication to any piece of style – especially when discussing jewelry. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a tiara or a large intricate gemstone necklace? “It looks like it’s made for a princess.” The Victorian-era briolette-cut gemstone was said to originally be available only to royalty and noble persons. A coveted bead with loads of shine — does it get more elegant than that?



Teardrops Stand Out

Gemstones that dangle, hanging from their peaks like stars of the show, are classic formalwear accessories. Teardrop beads aren’t for trips to the grocery store, they’re for trips to the ball or at least to date night. Briolette gemstones come in various sizes and styles, but the dangle-effect is built into the bead’s DNA. Proof that it was designed to stand out.




Let us know in the comments or on social media what your go-to gemstone is for an elegant look!


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