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Your Date Night Look Guide

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It’s February and the holiday built for hopeless romantics is almost here! If you’re planning to celebrate the day of love, you might be considering the following: where to go, what to do, and of course, what to wear?


We’ve compiled our favorite looks based on two classic date night activities: dinner and a movie and the romantic night in. Let us know in the comments which look is your favorite and what your go-to date night outing.


Let’s get started.


Dinner and a Movie

Or as we like to call it, movie and a dinner because the movie should always come first. It gives you something to talk about at dinner! This classic date night activity can be either casual or formal and the variations are endless, but don’t let that intimidate you. Start off with whatever piece of clothing makes you feel most comfortable. Perhaps you’re most comfortable in jeans or a sweater. That’s perfectly fine, start there.


If jeans are your go-to, make them going-out ready by pairing them with berry-colored accessories including the most romantic accessory of all, lipstick. Makeup and jewelry are great options to dress an outfit up or down, especially when it comes to jeans. If you go with an entire jewelry set – earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet – then your look is going in the dressy direction. If you choose to go with one pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings, then your look is going to be more understated. Maybe the only accessory you wear is lipstick, which makes a statement and lands in the middle of casual and dressy.


The best option is the one that feels most like you because more than anything you want to be comfortable … especially if a movie is in your date forecast. This may also be the best time to bring out the heels since they are unlikely to hurt your feet while you’re sitting down.


Romantic Night In

Not only can staying in be good for your wallet, but there is also creative freedom. Almost anything you can do outside of the house can be done from the comfort of your home for half the cost and none of the travel. That can also mean a chance to add more individuality than you could at a restaurant or theatre.


When thinking about what to wear if your night doesn’t include stepping out of the door, first you want to suppress the urge to just throw on a t-shirt or pajamas. Wearing something that you would wear in public will make it feel more like a date and less like another night at home. Some good options are leggings and an oversized sweater with back details or that hangs off the shoulders. Add a pair of diamond stud earrings and a layered necklace will add something special, while still keeping the look casual.


The key to finding the perfect romantic night in outfit is keeping your look comfortable, but cute.


Date Night Look Inspiration

If you’re going out, staying in or traveling someplace new, one thing that’s for sure is that you should look the part. Love and holidays – even Hallmark© ones – are an opportunity to celebrate, which also means it’s an opportunity to look great and try something new.


To inspire you to try something new in your wardrobe this Valentine’s Day, here are some outfits we think would look great on you!



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